Container refund points

Community groups and charities

Containers for Change provides an exciting opportunity for schools, community groups and charities to benefit from the scheme. Sporting and services clubs, local catchment groups and registered charities can utilise the scheme to help raise funds in a number of ways.

Options include:

  • Registering with Containers for Change so that anyone can choose to donate to you when they return their containers to a refund point
  • Collecting eligible containers as a group and returning them at a container refund point for 10 cents per container
  • Becoming a donation point and encouraging community members to donate their containers to your organisation
  • Partnering or registering with your local container refund point operators to access container collection infrastructure (such as cages, bins or trailers) for your events or activities. Container refund point operators that collect more than 5 million containers per year are required to make container collection infrastructure available free of charge for use by community organisations. Once scheme is live, please check website for further information
  • Becoming a container refund point in your own right. In doing so you will be required to collect all eligible containers and pay the 10 cent refund to people returning containers. In return you will receive a handling fee.*

*Note: refund points are required to meet additional requirements, including safety, opening times and accessibility for refund scheme customers. Each region has a maximum number of refund points in the first 12 months of scheme.


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To help with the overall awareness and understanding of the scheme, a toolkit of assets and artwork are available to sporting and schools groups, community groups and charities. Please email: 


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