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Over 1,923,243,802 containers returned to date*


In some circumstances, beverage products that are manufactured or first sold into Queensland will be exported out of the state – either overseas or into another state or territory. In this case an export has occurred. Because these containers do not stay in Queensland either for consumption or redemption, they do not become a cost to the scheme. The exporter of the containers may then be eligible for an export refund.

A company who exports beverage products in eligible containers may claim the export refund if:

  • The containers have had the scheme costs paid and
  • There is an export refund claim agreement (ERCA) with Container Exchange (COEX) in effect

The ERCA provides a direct contractual relationship between the exporter and COEX. This allows COEX to audit and verify the claims that are made to ensure that the integrity of the scheme is maintained.

Interested in becoming an exporter?
Download and complete the Exporter Deed Poll and Container Export Protocol
Submissions must be sent to by 30 November 2018 for consideration.
Once the Exporter Deed Poll has been executed, COEX will provide the Exporter with a unique Exporter ID number (Scheme ID), along with a welcome email containing login credentials to access our online portal.
The Exporter will need their Scheme ID to identify themselves when submitting their Export Sale Statements through our online portal.
Exporters can download a training webinar recording to assist with completing the export sale statement.
Exporters may also download the training material below for further guidance.



Training Material

Container Exchange and the Beverage Exporter Portal eCourse.
Click the image below to access the course.

Download this eCourse 

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