Container refund points

Over 2,047,297,642 containers returned to date*

Material recovery facilities

A material recovery facility (MRF) is a business that sorts collected recyclable material and prepares it for recycling. MRFs may use a combination of manual and mechanical separation to recover and separate commingled dry recyclables.

MRFs will play an important role in recovering containers. Systems and protocols will be established to ensure existing operations are complemented, and are not adversely impacted, by the introduction of the scheme.

MRF operators must enter into a material recovery agreement with Container Exchange (COEX) in order to be eligible to receive refund payments for the eligible containers that are processed by the MRF.

Where a MRF operator receives recyclable material from a local government, a refund sharing arrangement with that local government will also need to be entered into in order for the refund payments to be made by COEX.

If you would like more information and/or details on the MRF protocol, sampling and auditing arrangements and requirements for the arrangement with local government, please email (including your business name, contact name and number, location and email address).



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