Since Containers for Change began in October 2020, a staggering $5 million has been raised for these groups, thanks to generous container savers across the state.  

Take for example the residents of COMO171. Resident Lance (right) and his neighbour Quentin (left) have spearheaded container collection at COMO171, and they’re donating the refunds to Perth Children’s Hospital via their local refund point, Container Refunder pop-up in Manning. 

“Our team at COMO171 decided the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation would be a worthy recipient of the funds we raise,” Lance said.  

“Children are the future of our wonderful country. When you add in the dedication of all nursing staff, particularly those involved with children, it was an easy decision.” 

With more 530 million 10¢ containers sent to landfill in the past year alone, Containers for Change CEO, Tim Cusack said there is plenty of potential for other apartment dwellers to do the same.  

“If you’re not interested in returning containers for yourself, think about returning and donating the refund to one of the thousands of groups fundraising through Containers for Change,” he said. 

“You will not only be giving your containers another life, but you’ll be also helping support the goals of a hard-working charity, school or community group.”

You can find the list of all the clubs, charities and schools who would love your support on our donate page.