The recycling revolution first reached Australia in the 1980s with the arrival of kerbside recycling. Three decades later the way we recycle has evolved, with the launch of Western Australia’s recycling scheme, Containers for Change, making recycling easier than ever.

Whether you’re an experienced recycler, or new to the game, you’re sure to find inspiration in the below recycling hacks and make your next trip to our refund point even easier.


Stockpile in style

Banking your containers and returning them in bulk saves time with fewer trips to your local refund point. Simply wait until you’ve got a boot full - or a ute full - to do you next return.

For ideas on storing your container collection in style head to Pinterest. You’ll discover a range of clever storage solutions covering everything from sleek stackable containers to rustic home-made storage palettes.

Image source: Pinterest

Large Storage Crate with Lip

Banish container confusion

Not sure if a container is eligible for a refund? Avoid container confusion by entering the barcode number into our eligibility checker. It’s the quickest and easiest way to confirm if your container qualifies for a refund.

Don’t have a smartphone? Visit our website to check your container’s eligibility by entering the product’s barcode.


Choose to re-use

Wondering what to do with ineligible containers? Sure, you can pop them in your kerbside recycling bin but why not think outside the box and turn your trash into an item to treasure.

  • Use bottle caps to create a DIY paint palette
  • Turn bottle caps into a work of art in their own right
  • Create a hanging herb garden from old milk bottles
  • Create a self-watering pot with an old wine bottle
  • Turn old milk bottles into handy craft containers

Source: Pinterest

Pencils in containers