Container refund points

Where can I return?

What are the different types of collection points?

Over-the-counter depots

Over-the-counter depots, using manual or electronic scanners, will count your containers immediately and provide refunds in cash or via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your bank account – depending on the quantity of containers you have. You will also be able to donate your containers to a community group or charity, using their unique scheme ID (available closer to scheme launch).

Some over-the-counter depots will also provide a drop-off service, allowing customers to quickly ‘drop-off’ their bags of containers. See below section for further details on this type of refund point.

Drop-offs (bag it, tag it, drop it)

Drop-offs are a convenient way to recycle your containers and receive a refund. There are three key steps to remember:

  • Bag it: bag your containers using a bag from your local container refund point, or use your own (single-use plastic bags are not suitable)
  • Tag it: tag your containers using labels from your local container refund point, displaying your scheme ID and transaction ID
  • Drop it: drop off your containers at your local container refund point

Drop-offs / Reverse vending machines

Using either your scheme ID or the unique ID of your local community group or charity, you can scan the barcode and insert uncrushed cans, plastic bottles and liquid paperboard containers into your local RVM. 

Mobile and pop-up refund points

Mobile container refund points will provide a scheduled service, allowing customers, community groups and charities to return their containers for a refund either in cash or to the scheme ID provided. These points are operated by over-the-counter depots or drop-offs; usually using a trailer with a cage parked at a regional location such as a community store or supermarket, for a few hours on a Saturday morning (for example).

Pop-up container refund points operate at one-off events or functions. A pop-up may be used as a physical donation point for events such as school fetes. 

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