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Over 2,047,297,642 containers returned to date*

Beverage manufacturers

Containers for Change is a product stewardship scheme, where beverage manufacturers are paying for the costs of operating a convenient and accessible scheme to recover eligible containers. In this way, they are taking responsibility for helping to improve recycling rates and reducing the environmental impacts from empty beverage containers.

Any manufacturer of beverage products in Queensland with eligible containers will need to enter into a container recovery agreement (CRA) with Container Exchange. The CRA places obligations on the beverage manufacturer to contribute towards the costs of running the scheme, paying the 10 cent refund and collecting the containers for recycling.

The contribution that beverage manufacturers make is based on the number of beverage products in eligible containers that each manufacturer sells in Queensland.

If you are a beverage manufacturer, it is important that you understand the range of obligations and the likely financial impact on your business. Email to find out more.



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