Container refund points

Over 1,793,374,261 containers returned to date*

How it works

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Our mission is to help increase recycling and reduce the number of drink containers that litter our environment in Queensland. Becoming part of this change is easy...

Collect eligible containers

Recycling efforts are focused on drinks generally consumed away from home (eg. soft drinks, water bottles, small flavoured milk). Drink containers generally consumed only at home (eg. cordial, plain milk, wine and spirit bottles, condiments and cleaning) are excluded. Check if your container is eligible for a refund below.

Be sure that the containers are empty and have the caps off. 

Cans and bottles crushed by hand can be returned at any container refund point in the network. These containers will need to go through the container refund point's bag drop service if the refund point is a reverse vending machine.


Check if your container is eligible for a refund:
Eligible. Time to cash in.
Not eligible.
Something went wrong, please try again.

* If your product does not have a barcode, please call *13 42 42 or email for clarification.

Eligible beverage containers

Excluded beverage containers

Create your scheme account

Sign-up for a scheme account below; it's the easy way to receive your refund via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your bank account.

Other refund payment options are available (cash, voucher, donation) and do not require a scheme account. Please check with your local container refund point operator for available payment options.

Note: Envirobank and TOMRA refund point operators currently use their own loyalty programs and require separate scheme account sign-ups.

Return containers to a collection point

There are four different types of container refund points available, including over-the-counter depots, bag drops, reverse vending machines (RVMs), and mobile and pop-up refund points. You can also donate your containers at donation points.

Over-the-counter depots

Bag drops (bag it, tag it, drop it)

Reverse vending machines (RVMs)

Mobiles and pop-ups

Donation points (physical and virtual)

Collect (or donate) your refund

When you return your containers to a refund point you can choose whichever refund payment or donation method is offered by that refund point operator. Payments are made in one or more of the following ways:


Electronic funds transfer (EFT)


Donate your containers

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