Social Media Community Guidelines

Our goal on social media is to provide tips, tricks and advice for how to recycle your containers using Queensland’s container refund scheme, Containers for Change.

We manage social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok. We have established the following guidelines which outline the rules of conduct for our online communities and what content we allow to be shared on these platforms.

Containers for Change owns and manages the following social media accounts:






We encourage comments, discussions, ideas and feedback but have a few guidelines to ensure our pages are enjoyed by all who follow us:

1. Be nice to each other (and us). Respect each other’s opinions. Threatening and offensive language will not be tolerated.

2. Don’t post defamatory comments towards any other individual or business.

3. Don’t harass, abuse or threaten any individual, business or Containers for Change employee or stakeholder.

4. Don’t post false or misleading information – make sure you check your facts before posting.

5. Posts that may offend others or been seen as discriminatory will be removed.

6. Don’t post repeat comments.

7. Spam and post sharing promotional materials will be removed.

8. Don’t share private information on publicly available posts – we may ask for information such as your member number, email address or home address in a private message to assist in solving a query you have but will never ask for this to be posted publicly.

9. To create meaningful and valuable discussion, please stay on topic when commenting on posts.

We perform regular content moderation and if any of these guidelines are breached, we reserve the right to remove these comments and block users from our pages. This moderation will be done at the discretion of Containers for Change Qld and applies to any comment or page interaction that is deemed inappropriate by us. If necessary, we will move the discussion to a private conversation.

We want our followers to enjoy engaging with the content we create through our social media accounts as well as engaging with fellow recyclers on these pages. We welcome conversation and comments but request you’re polite and respectful.

By accessing our social media pages, you also agree to comply with the rules of these platforms. You can review their guidelines here:








Our pages are moderated between Monday to Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am-2pm.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with us further, please contact us at [email protected]


These guidelines were updated August 2023.