While we know everyone wants to do the right thing when it comes to container recycling, the most common phrase we hear is ‘I just don’t have time’.

What many don’t realise is that cashing in your containers is now easier than ever - we can even pick them up from your home – for free!

Introducing our home collection service, Container Collect, now available in over 1000+ suburbs in Queensland. Find out if your suburb is on the list here.

To help you get started, here’s our top three tips for making a home collection booking with Container Collect.


You don’t need any special bag to get started as long as it’s sturdy. Set it up near your other bins and simply pop any eligible containers in that bag when you take out your household rubbish. Please note we can’t return bags back to you.

When you get to 100 containers or more, you’re ready to make your return. All you need to do is secure the bag/s, add a label that lists your member number, and put them in a safe place ready for collection. Don’t have a member number yet? Get started here.


Masking tape or painter’s tape is a simple, no fuss way to label your bags. It rarely comes off so you can be sure your local refund point can log the refund to your account with no trouble.

Just write your member number clearly, tear off the piece of tape and stick it to the front of your bags.


If you consume a large number of drinks you might like to schedule your collections in advance through our booking platform (depending on your suburb).

Spend 10 minutes locking in your bookings for the next few weeks and then add reminders in your phone.

Our booking system also sends email and text message reminders to ensure you have time to put your bags out before collection day.

Remember, every eligible container returned is worth 10 cents so you can literally earn money from home without lifting a finger - well, just a couple of bags.

To book your home collection – download the app or visit Containers for Change Bookings.

Want to learn more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.