Ever wondered what happens to your containers once you drop them off at your local refund point? Container processors like Cleanaway play an integral part in the success of the container deposit scheme, as well as playing a vital role in the circular economy.  

On any given day, Cleanaway can process a staggering 2 to 3 million containers through their Morningside facility in Brisbane.  

So how does it work?


Did you know Container bales can weigh up to 450kg!  

Man looking at conatiners


What is the Circular Economy?  

The circular economy is a model that moves away from the traditional linear model of take-make-dispose. It emphasises reducing waste by keeping products and materials in use for longer.

Container recycling has a key role in the circular economy, as it allows materials to be recovered and reused to create new products. 

Chris Lloyd, Cleanaway’s Morningside Brand Manager, stated that “We love that we are helping the environment with what we do, and we are extremely passionate about the playing our part in the circular economy”.