Ahead of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we’re shining a light on one of our recycling superstars.

One of the social enterprises making the change that matters is IMPACT Community Services, an NDIS provider who employ more than 200 staff and provide job training and support to over 3000 people already this year.

IMPACT also manage a Material Recovery Facility and two Containers for Change refund points in Bundaberg, including the state’s only solely solar-powered refund point in Qunaba.

One of the most beloved members of IMPACT’s vibrant community is Clayton, a young man from Bundaberg who was eager to get a job straight out of school, but had no luck finding his first job on his own.

In 2018, Clayton enrolled in IMPACT’s Transition to Work (TTW) program which helps young people find secure employment.

When he finished TTW, a position was vacant at the Bundaberg Material Recovery Facility and Clayton was the perfect fit for the job, also helping out at IMPACT’s Containers for Change depot.

He was excited by the opportunity and quickly became part of the recycling team, impressing everyone with his reliability, work ethic, etiquette, and enthusiasm.

After just 13 weeks of work with Containers for Change, Clayton had saved up enough money to buy himself a car. The reliable income and full-time work also gave him the confidence and financial security he needed to start paying for things like driving lessons, fuel and ultimately, his license.

In April this year, at just 24 years old Clayton used his income from Containers for Change for an even more life changing purchase – his first house!

Clayton’s diligent saving helped him become first-time homeowner – buying a lovely house in Bundaberg where he now lives with his dad and siblings.

Prior to moving into their new place, Clayton and his family had lived in public housing for a long time, but his hard work for his family paid off.  He took on the role of looking after everyone and did everything in his power to ensure the move and readjustment went as smoothly as possible.

Clayton always talks about how he’s grateful for IMPACT and Containers for Change.

He is not only a huge support for his dad and siblings, but his work colleagues too. Last year, he even offered to be designated driver for the Christmas Party and drove all the way to Bargara and Innes Park to collect three fellow staff members to ensure they didn’t miss out.

Clayton is a selfless young man who always puts others first. He’s very hard working and all his colleagues describe him as true delight to be around. The team at IMPACT say they are endlessly proud of him and Containers for Change look forward to seeing what else he achieves in the future.