Container refund points

Over 2,047,297,642 containers returned to date*

Creating a network of container refund points

Through an open competitive tender process Queensland’s Product Responsibility Organisation, Container Exchange (COEX), has established a convenient and accessible network of container refund points across the state of more than 230 sites. The network will continue to build over time and there will be more than 300 sites available within the first year of the scheme. These refund points are operated by a range of different businesses or organisations for the purpose of providing a place where customers can return eligible containers in exchange for a 10 cent refund.

Operators of container refund points are responsible for:

  • Collecting, counting and sorting returned containers
  • Paying refund amounts to customers
  • Preparing materials for transport to a processor

In addition, to the above day-to-day responsibilities, container refund point operators are the face of Containers for Change and are expected to provide high levels of customer service to ensure that not only have you got a convenient place to take your containers but the experience is an enjoyable one.


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What is the expected container recovery rate across Queensland?

In FY20, we estimate that container refund points will contribute a 46% recovery rate of state-wide containers consumed, with material recovery facilities contributing a 24%. Total recovery rate of 70% is expected during this period.


Running the scheme

In 2017, the Queensland Government appointed Container Exchange (QLD) Limited (COEX) to run the scheme. COEX is working with local businesses and community groups across Queensland to establish a network of refund points. For more information visit



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