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What are the new types of containers eligible for a refund?

Glass wine and spirit bottles (150ml up to 3L) are eligible in Queensland from 1 November 2023.

Why are glass wine and spirit bottles not worth more than smaller containers?

The Queensland Government sets the refund amount for eligible containers based on several factors including consistency across state programs and pricing impacts for beverage manufacturers and customers.

Do the eligible bottles need to have the 10c mark on them?
The Queensland Government has given wine and spirit manufacturers until January 2027 to display the 10-cent refund marking on their labels.  During this grace period eligible glass wine and spirit bottles can be returned for a refund without the 10-cent mark.

Can I return every type of wine and spirit bottle?

Only glass wine and spirit bottles with a volume between 150ml and 3L will be eligible for a refund.

Can I return boxed (cask) wine and cocktails?

No, only glass bottles that have contained wine and pure spirits will be eligible for a 10- cent refund. Check the recycling instructions on the packaging for the correct way to dispose of your wine box.

Why can’t I return milk bottles?

Animal (cow’s milk) and plant-based (soy or almond) milk is considered to be a staple household item and therefore is excluded for a refund in the Queensland container refund scheme.

Why didn’t my wine or spirit bottle scan at a Reverse Vending Machine?

From time to time barcode technology experiences issues and barcodes can’t be read (this can happen in any retail or customer facing environment). If this happens when you are using a reverse vending machine visit one of our depots where staff can assist you. Find your closest depot here and search your suburb or postcode and filter by depot.

How can I return my empties for a refund?

Containers for Change offers a range of ways to return your empties for a refund. Find the right option for you by taking our quick quiz here. Remember if you’re returning a lot of glass you’ll want to use sturdier bags and boxes to avoid breakages.

Are glass wine and spirit bottles accepted at all refund points?

Yes, wine and pure spirit glass bottles with a volume between 150ml and 3 litres are accepted at all refund points regardless of the type you use – depot, bag drop, home collection, pop-up, or reverse vending machine. If you have a large load of wine and spirit bottles we recommend returning at a depot where there will be staff on hand to assist you.

Do I need to remove lids from wine and spirit bottles before cashing them in?

It’s best to take your lids off when cashing in your empty wine and spirit bottles. We’d recommend checking with your local council for their tips on how to recycle lids and bottle tops.

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