Short on space for storing your empty containers at home?

The key to successful container recycling is to find the perfect storage spot—one that is both convenient and easily accessible.

No matter where you call home (because there’s no place like it), here’s our storage suggestions:


For homeowners, consider placing your recycling station next to the waste or kerbside recycling bin, or better yet, utilise your garage for a dedicated recycling area. Maximise organisation by setting up a recycling station to sort different materials, including containers.

Person placing bags of containers beside recycling bin

Multi-Unit Dwellings

If you have limited space, designate a section of your pantry or utility room for recyclables. Apartment dwellers can make use of the balcony or under the sink as a discreet storage spot for collecting containers. Psst… read our tips for container recycling when you call an apartment home over here.

Young person sorts drink containers under the sink

Storage flexibility

Containers for Change offers lots of flexibility in how you return your empties. As long as it's sturdy and safe, you can use whatever container makes sense for your home and lifestyle, such as boxes, bags, or bins.

With the introduction of glass wine and spirits into Containers for Change from November 2023, remember that these bottles are heavier, so you’ll want to use sturdier bags and boxes to avoid breakages.

Tub and bag of empty drink containers

What to collect in

Choose stackable or collapsible boxes for small spaces and consider hanging bags on the back of cupboard doors for easy access.

For beer or soft drink enthusiasts, the carton itself can serve as an ideal collection container—just stack the empties right back into it.

Get creative; we’ve even heard of some people transporting containers in old pillowcases!

Person holding carton of softdrink cans

Car storage

And don’t forget the car—keep a bag handy in the boot to collect containers when you’re on the go and there aren’t recycling bins available. The planet thanks you.

Man holding tub of containers in front of car

When to return

The storage space you have available often determines your return method. If you have a safe and accessible area, you might want to book our free home collection service.

For those with limited storage space, more frequent visits to nearby refund points or RVM kiosks at shopping centres are practical options.

You can read more on which refund method suits your needs and take our refund point quiz here.

Man using Reverse Vending Machine

Whatever your situation, the best place to store containers for recycling is going to be the one that strikes a balance between accessibility, organisation, and prompting a regular recycling routine.

Creating a system that works for your house will encourage the rest of your household to get involved too. Happy recycling!

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Find a container refund point near you

Find a container refund point near you