Did you know that collecting containers is one of the easiest ways to donate to a charity or community group? There are thousands of registered causes in Queensland, and just a few empties can make a big difference.

Whether it’s helping animals find loving homes, providing vital meals to vulnerable families, or protecting our precious environment, donating your refund transforms your empty containers into real change for causes that need it.  

Charity group members collecting empty containers in bags

Here are just a few reasons why donating your next container is a no-brainer:  

  • Amplify your impact: Every little bit counts and if multiple people choose to donate their containers, it can make a big impact for an individual cause.  
  • A passive income stream: Community groups and charities are often resource-poor, with volunteers working tirelessly around the year. Fundraising can be time-consuming so container refunds are an easy way for charities to support fundraising indirectly by seeking donations through a member number.  

  • Make a statement: If you are able to, choosing to donate your refund shows you care and you're willing to invest in making your community a better place. It's a simple act that can inspire others to do the same. 

  • Feel good inside: There's nothing quite like the warm glow of knowing you've done what you can to make a positive difference. Donating your refund is a feel-good action that's good for the soul and the world around you. 


Containers for Change makes it easy to turn your cans and bottles into charitable contributions.

Here's how: 

  • At the refund point: Just show the member number of your chosen charity or community group when you visit a refund point. 10 cents from each container will then be processed directly to that cause.  

  • Through the Containers for Change app: Select the "Donate" option and choose your preferred charity. Then simply scan that barcode when you next make a return. Every donation you make will be tracked in the app so you can see how it really adds up!  

  • Bag drop or home collect: Note down the member number for your chosen cause and write it on the label for any bags or boxes you return via a bag drop or our home collection service.  

We hope we’ve inspired you to turn your containers into something good. Check out the list of registered charities here or download the Containers for Change app. Happy donating!