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Eight billion containers returned through refund scheme

The Containers for Change scheme has put $800 million back in Queenslanders’ pockets. The scheme has continued to grow from strength to strength. It has taken just six months to reach this latest milestone, after the seven billionth container was returned in September 2023.

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Containers in hand

Turning containers into change for charity

Did you know that collecting containers is one of the easiest ways to donate to a charity or community group?

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Plastic bottle in grass and leaves

Top five reasons to recycle with Containers for Change

There are more reasons to recycle bottles and cans than just getting a 10-cent refund.

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Women and man leaning on purple bin

Raising funds for families at risk

See how not-for-profit organisation, Hearts of Purple are using container recycling donations to help fund the important work they do supporting people at risk of high-risk domestic violence situations.

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Wine bottle being inserted into Reverse Vending Machine

Cheers to cashing in on spirits and wine

Get excited, Queensland! Glass wine and spirit bottles are now part of the range of eligible containers you can cash in for a 10-cent refund. We've put together a guide to help you get started.

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Bright spark shines through scheme

We shine a light on one of our recycling superstars, Clayton from IMPACT Community Services.

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Taking care of our furry friends

Meet the team from CQ Pet Rescue who are using container refunds to take care of our furry friends.

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Paws for a cause

We're excited to announce we've partnered with RSPCA Queensland!

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