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My payment doesn’t match the number of containers I’ve returned.

Only certain drink containers are eligible for a refund. If you have checked that all the containers you returned were eligible, let us know by calling 13 42 42 so we can investigate this with the operator.

Should I get replacement bags when my containers are picked up.

No. Container Collect does not currently provide bags with the service. Some drivers may leave bags if they have stock at their refund point, but they’re not required to replace them.

How do I download the app?

You can download the Containers for Change QLD app to make a Container Collect booking on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

How should I label my bag?

There are a few ways you can label your bags. You can write your mobile and member number clearly on a piece of paper and tape it securely to your bag, or just written on a label or masking tape. You can also write them in marker directly on the bag.

What are my logins for the app?

Your logins will be the email and password you registered with for your Containers for Change account. Need to sign up? Go here to create an account.

Who will be picking up my bags?

The refund point operator servicing your area will arrange a driver to collect your bags.

How do I make a booking?

There are two ways you can book a home collection for your 100+ empty containers:

  1. Via the Containers for Change QLD app, or
  2. Using the online booking form.

When making a booking, you’ll need to let us know your address, member number, how many bags you’re returning and the location of those bags for pick-up.

What time do I need to have my bags out by?

Please put your bags in the area you specified in your booking by 8am on collection day.

How do I check if Container Collect is available in my suburb?

Enter your suburb in our online look-up or give us a buzz on 13 42 42 and we’ll let you know if Container Collect is available in your area.

Where should I leave my bags?

When you make a booking, you’ll need to specify a location for your bags. You can edit this up to 24 hours before pick-up.

We suggest you choose a spot hidden from public view and with clear and safe access for our drivers. For apartments, we would recommend checking with your body corporate for a suitable spot.

If you don’t put your bags in the location you specified in your booking or our drivers are unable to access the spot, they might not be able to pick up your bags.

Why isn’t Container Collect available in my postcode?

Container Collect is currently being rolled out across Queensland suburbs. We’re currently working with local operators to get home collection available in more areas.

If I’m at home, can I ask the driver to knock/buzz my door?

Our home collection service is contact free, so we ask you to please leave your bags in a spot accessible to the driver.

How do I edit or cancel a booking?

You can edit or cancel your booking via the app or online booking platform up until 12pm (midday) on the day prior to your collection. Just make sure you’re logged into the account you booked under.

How do I know my bags have been collected? Will I get a notification my bags have been collected?

You’ll get an sms within three business days of pick-up to confirm that your bags have been collected.

Can I book a collection to a non-residential address?

Container Collect is for residential collection only. You can contact your local refund point operator/s to see if they offer infrastructure and collection to businesses.

I left my bags out and they weren’t picked up.

Please check that the location of your bags was listed correctly in your booking. If this was correct, it may be the case that this location was unsafe or inaccessible to the driver. Please reschedule for next week, changing the location of your bags if possible.

Do I need to sort my containers?

Sorting isn’t required; the refund point will do this when counting your containers. You just need to make sure all containers are eligible by using the barcode scanner in the app and that their lids have been removed.

My bags were stolen before the driver arrived.

Customers will receive confirmation of pick-up within 72 hours. If you did not receive SMS confirmation but your bags are gone, please call 13 42 42 and our team can double check with the Container Collect driver.

Containers for Change cannot take responsibility for the security of containers left for collection.

How many containers do I need to make a booking?

You need a minimum of 100 eligible containers to make a Container Collect booking.

When will I receive my refund?

Your containers will be counted and processed within three days of pick-up. How long it takes for the money to reach your account will depend on what bank you are with.

What bag should I put my containers in for collection?

Please use any sturdy bag to make sure it doesn’t break on the drive to be counted. Please keep in mind that any bag you use won’t be returned to you. Any bags that cannot be safely and securely transported may be left.

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