We believe every Western Australian has the potential to be a container saver and every 10¢ container has the potential to live on again! Don’t let your containers’ potential go to waste. Bring them to us, and give them another life.

Better days for each one saved

Better days for each one saved

Every 10¢ container returned gets to live another life. Saved by you, recycled by us, and renewed to live its potential, again and again.

Receive your refund, your way

Receive your refund, your way

Get a 10¢ refund for each accepted container you return. Receive your refund as a bank or PayPal transfer, cash, or choose to donate it to a good cause.

Give back to your community

Give back to your community

Choose to donate your refund to one of the 5,000+ charities, community groups, or schools registered with Containers for Change.

We can beat it, if we don’t feed it

We can beat it, if we don’t feed it

With your support, Containers for Change has saved over a billion 10¢ containers from landfill in Western Australia — and we're just starting.


When you return your 10¢ containers with us, you're part of a bigger cycle — where everybody wins.

10¢ containers are saved from landfill so they can live another life, jobs are created, and money goes back into the pockets of everyday Western Australians.


What we do

Each year, Western Australians buy more than 1.45 billion 10¢ drink containers. Sadly, hundreds of millions end up as litter or in landfill.

Containers for Change targets the beverage containers that are commonly littered. This includes plastic and glass bottles, as well as drink cartons, cans and pouches.

Together we can keep these 10¢ containers out of landfill, give them another life, and help our community while doing it.


Thousands of Western Australians, just like you, are recycling their 10¢ containers through Containers for Change.

Each returned and accepted container gives you a 10¢ refund. You can choose to keep the refund — receiving it as cash or as a bank or PayPal transfer — or you can donate it to a local charity, community group, or school.


Containers for Change works with accredited recyclers to ensure your 10¢ containers are recycled, so they can live another life.

Once you've returned your 10¢ containers, we sort them into their different material types. They're then transported to a processing facility so they can be prepared for recycling.

Accredited recyclers then purchase our recycled material and give them another life as new containers or other products.

At Containers for Change
we believe in potential


We believe in the potential for 10¢ containers to live another life.

The potential for our environment to be cleaner and for landfill to be reduced.

The potential for people to find meaningful work.

The potential for local charities, community groups, and schools to earn much needed funds.

And the potential within everyone — including you — to be a container saver!