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From Depots and Self-serve Kiosks to Drop & Go stations and our new collection service, there are more ways than ever to return your 10¢ containers.

Visit a depot

Depots can differ in return style — some will count your 10¢ containers for you; others offer a self-serve option; and sometimes they'll pop up at convenient community locations near you.

Some of our Depots may also offer drive-through or Drop & Go services. 

Depots can offer your refund as cash, a bank account payment, a retail voucher, or as a donation to a good cause. 

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Use a self-serve kiosk

Self-serve Kiosks will count your 10¢ containers for you while scanning their barcodes to make sure they are accepted. Just insert your 10¢ containers, and let the Kiosk do the rest!

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Self Serve Kiosk

Drop & go

With Drop & Go stations you can quickly return your 10¢ containers, contact-free. Bag your containers, attach a tag with your member number, and drop it off.

Once collected, your refund will be processed as a bank transfer or donation using your member number payment details.

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Bag drop and go

Book a collection

With our new collection service, it is easier than ever for restaurants, bars, cafés and workplaces to return 10¢ containers. Containers for Change Collect is a pick-up-on-demand service that is helping you get on board, wherever you are.

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Collect service

Spot a cradle or basket

Container Exchange Points are cradles or baskets attached to general waste bins in public places across WA, so you can still save your 10¢ containers while on the go.

Just check for the 10¢ mark — if it's got it, drop it. Your 10¢ container can then be collected and returned to a local refund point by someone else.

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Find a donation point

Your local charity, community group, or school might operate as a Donation Point, so you can drop off your 10¢ containers and contribute to a cause that is important to you. 

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