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Calling all schools and P&Cs!

Do you want to raise money for your school by saving 10¢ containers?
Every 10¢ drink container has the chance to live its potential, again and again. We work with local communities, beverage companies, recyclers, and the waste industry to recycle 10¢ containers and put money back into the Western Australian community.

Collecting at your school is easy!

Get a member number for your school

Get a member number for your school

It’s easy to sign up for a school member number! Simply choose a Team Leader to be responsible for your account, then add multiple users so everyone can track your returns, refunds, and donations.

Become part of our donations network

Become part of our donations network

Once you have a member number, you can be listed in our state-wide Good Causes Directory for donation recipients. This way, anyone can find you and choose to donate their individual returns straight to your cause.

Set up a donation point at your school

Set up a donation point at your school

Your school may choose to become a donation point. This means accepted 10¢ containers can be dropped off and donated to your school, further contributing to your school’s fundraising goals.

Spread the word and fundraise

Spread the word and fundraise

Now your school is ready to join the trailblazers who are making a real difference! To supercharge your fundraising, check out our free range of posters, flyers, educational material and social media tiles.

Fundraising & education resources for your school

For helpful guides, posters, lesson plans and more — we've got everything you need to hit the ground running.

Download our free education guide

Discover everything you need to know to make Containers for Change an everyday school activity.  Learn our top tips for fundraising, collecting 10¢ containers, educational activities and involving your whole school community.

Download education guide
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Learn with our lesson plans

Bring Containers for Change into the classroom.

These curriculum-aligned teaching resources are designed to equip educators to teach the stuff that matters. Empower your students to make more sustainable choices and take positive action in their community. 

Curriculum lesson plans
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Fundraising Guide

To help spread the word and recruit more trailblazers into your fundraising efforts, this comprehensive guide provides schools with all the information you need to successfully run a Containers for Change fundraising campaign.

Download Fundraising Guide

School Resources

A range of digital assets to educate students and boost your school's fundraising efforts are available. Packed with posters, flyers, educational material, activities and more!

View activities and resources

Blaze a trial at your school

Guides, posters, flyers, and more! Discover a selection of educational resources and products to support parents, teachers and students in giving containers a second life.

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Book a collection service

Think your school might need a hand returning 10¢ containers? Good news! We now offer an on-demand collection service, Containers for Change Collect. If Collect is not yet available in your area, that's ok — get in touch with your nearest refund point to see if they can help you.

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Get inspired by trailblazing schools

Across Western Australia, many schools are making big differences in their community, while helping the environment.

Churchlands Primary School

Churchlands Primary School

Churchlands Primary School have used funds to help pay for their frog habitat garden, Eco Shed upgrade, and purchase Solar Buddy lights for children in third world countries and remote communities.

Shenton College

Shenton College

Shenton College is a state high school that actively encourages its 2,600 students to meaningfully contribute to their local community.


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