What is a Self-serve Kiosk?

Heading to the shops? Take your 10¢ containers along for the ride, and return them at a Self-serve Kiosk.

A Kiosk will count your 10¢ containers one-by-one, and scan their barcodes to check they are accepted. Plus, they can process your refund on the spot.

You can find Self-serve Kiosks outside select shopping centres across Perth. 

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Self Serve Kiosk

How it works

Returning 10¢ containers at a Self-serve Kiosk is easy. To save time, separate your containers — glass bottles to one side; and plastic bottles, drink cartons and cans to the other. Insert your containers one-by-one and let the Kiosk do the rest!

Make sure lids are removed and containers are uncrushed, so their barcodes can be scanned. We recycle 10¢ container lids too, just separately. Bring them with you to the Kiosk and use the lid bins provided.

Receive your refund as a grocery voucher, or scan your member number before making your return to be refunded via bank transfer. If you'd like to donate your refund, scan the member number of your good cause before starting your return. 

Refund options available

Bank transfer

Bank transfer

Scan your member number before returning.

Grocery voucher

Grocery voucher

Get a discount on your next shop at participating grocery stores, or exchange it for cash at the store's service desk.



Scan the member number of your chosen charity or community group.

No direct cash refunds available. 


A Self-serve Kiosk might not be for you! For large returns consider returning at a Depot or using our collection service, Containers for Change Collect.

Other ways to return


There are many ways to return your 10¢ containers in WA. Find the one that best suits your needs.