Launching in WA on 1 October 2020

Donation Points

Containers for Change provides an exciting opportunity for community groups, sporting clubs and charities to raise much-needed funds by encouraging members of the community to donate their 10c refund.

Register your group for a Containers for Change Scheme ID and anyone returning their eligible containers to a Refund Point can then donate their refund to your group via your Scheme ID, with refunds transferred via direct deposit into your group’s nominated bank account.

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Fundraising opportunities

In a nutshell, Containers for Change fundraising opportunities include:

  • Signing up online for a Containers for Change Scheme ID; anyone can choose to donate to you via your Scheme ID when they return their containers to any Refund Point across the state
  • Collecting eligible containers as a group and returning them to a Refund Point, receiving 10c per container
  • Becoming a Donation Point and encouraging community members to donate their eligible containers to your organisation, returning containers to the Refund Point and receiving 10c per container
  • Partnering or registering with your local Refund Point to access container collection infrastructure (such as cages, bins or trailers) for your events or activities, returning eligible containers to the Refund Point and receiving 10c per container

Types of Donation Points

Physical Donation Points

Physical Donation Points are run by community and sporting groups, charities, and not-for-profit organisations to raise funds. All you need to do is set up a cage or collection point on-site where people can safely drop off their eligible containers. You can often arrange this cage with your local Refund Point operator. You’ll also need to arrange for the containers to be delivered to a Refund Point – which you can do yourself or partner with a Refund Point to do it for you. The Refund Point will do all the sorting and counting for you and send your refund by electronic transfer directly to your specified bank account (through your Scheme ID). This is a great set-up for organisations that have space for a cage.

Information on the location of registered Donation Points will be shared once known. If you’re looking for a short-term fundraising activity, you can often hire mobile cages for container collection drives or events from a local Refund Point.

Virtual Donation Points

Virtual Donation Points allow any community group, school or sporting group, charity and not-for-profit organisation to register with the scheme and receive a Scheme ID. This enables groups to share their Scheme ID with their customers, supporters and network base, without physically hosting a Donation Point themselves.

When you take your containers to an over-the-counter depot, drop-off, RVM or mobile or pop-up site, simply use the groups scheme ID to donate your containers and the nominated group will receive the 10-cent refund.

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