What are donation points?

Donation Points look like Drop & Go stations, or dedicated bins, where you can donate your physical 10¢ containers. The refund from the return will then go directly to that local charity or community group. Donation Points are serviced by the not-for-profit organisation receiving the refund, which is clearly marked on the station or bin. 

Why donate your containers?

Don't need the refund for yourself? Take your 10¢ containers to a donation point so others can benefit instead. 

Learn how Beaconsfield Primary turned containers into playgrounds.

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Want to become a donation point?

If you are part of a charity, community group or club in WA that is fundraising for a cause and would like to receive container donations, consider becoming a donation point.

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Other ways to return

There are many ways to return your 10¢ containers in WA. Find the one that best suits your needs.

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