All Tracks 4WD Club


Founded in 2000, All Tracks 4WD is an incorporated community group that brings four-wheel driving enthusiasts together for regular driving days and events. 

In 2015 club president Richard Cooper was becoming concerned about the amount of litter left on 4WD tracks throughout Perth and the negative impact this was having on the reputation of the four-wheel driving community.  So, he collaborated with Perth Hills District Parks and Wildlife ranger Paul Udinga to implement community clean up events with the All Tracks 4WD Club. 

These proved to be highly successful, with members participating in their four-wheel drives to help pick up litter and illegally dumped waste at various four-wheel drive tracks throughout the Perth Hills. Each year they held four or five clean up events, which also saw a large volume of containers collected. When the Containers for Change scheme began in WA in 2020, the club saw an opportunity to raise funds for charities from collected containers at their clean up events.

However, due to restrictions on gatherings and safety concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic, the club had to pause its clean up events until August 2022, when it held its first one utilising the Containers for Change scheme to raise money for Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre. 

More than 80 volunteers and members attended the event at the Mundaring Powerlines 4WD track and surrounding bushland, filling five 240 litre wheelie bins with 1460 containers. 
Richard partnered with WA Scouts Recyling at the Malaga depot, to provide 7 Containers for Change wheelie bins for the event. 

“They have been very supportive,” Richard said. “They have been really flexible and accommodating in what we do. They dropped the bins off to my house after hours because I work during the week, and then I brought the bins to the event. Afterwards they will take the bins and do all the sorting and put the funds directly into the charity’s account.”

Containers for Change supplied the club with green bags, which volunteers and members filled and brought back to the wheelie bins stationed at the meeting point. 

Since the Containers for Change scheme began, Richard and Paul have noticed a reduction in the number of containers collected at clean up events.