K9 Dog Rescue


K9 Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation in Nambeelup that has been caring for and rehoming dogs since 1990.

With annual vet bills of more than $100,000, in addition to food, kennel maintenance, and cleaning equipment, K9 Rescue relies on donations from the community to care for and re-home its four-legged residents — like Georgie pictured here. 

Although K9 Rescue is never short of dedicated volunteers and committee members, its biggest challenge is finding new ways to raise much needed funds. Sadly, the recent Perth rental crisis has seen a significant increase in the number of surrendered dogs from owners who can no longer keep them.

In 2021, K9 Rescue saw an opportunity to increase its fundraising revenue through Containers for Change and approached Community WA, their local refund point, to set up a collection service.

K9 Rescue took to social media to spread the word, sharing their unique Containers for Change member  number (assigned to your group on sign up, previously known as a ‘Scheme ID’). That way, when their supporters returned their 10¢ containers, they could choose to donate their refund to K9 Rescue by referencing their member number. K9 Rescue also placed a dedicated Containers for Change bin in an accessible location on their premises, where volunteers could easily drop off 10¢ containers.

K9 Rescue President Jake King said it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done to raise funds. 

“We can’t believe how easy the whole process has been and to earn a lot of money from it as well as recycling, which is important to us,” said Jake. 

“Our local refund point Community WA does a fantastic job — they come each week to collect the containers and the money is deposited directly into our account. It’s just such an amazing initiative for not-for-profit organisations like us, where every cent counts.”

A large percentage of the 10¢ containers that are collected come from K9 Rescue’s dedicated team of more than 100 volunteers. As well as this, the organisation has been proactive in sharing its member number on social media and with their local radio station, Wave FM, which regularly promotes K9 Rescue’s Containers for Change fundraising scheme and invites listeners to donate their 10¢ containers to their member number. 

Local businesses are also involved in collecting containers for K9 Rescue. Novara General Store raised $900 in 12 months for the dog shelter, while Halls Head Vet and Pet City promote K9 Rescue’s member number on their notice boards and social media. 

Jake’s said the key to successful fundraising is to share your member number as much as possible. 

“Keep pushing it with a positive spin and also get in touch with Containers for Change for their support, which has also been really invaluable,” he said. 

From July 2021 to July 2022 K9 Rescue collected more than 100,000 10¢ containers to raise $10,000 to help care for and rehome dogs.