A new nature play area, native plantings and 30,000 10¢ containers saved from landfill – these are just some of the things Beaconsfield Primary School has created since they started fundraising through Containers for Change just twenty months ago. 

Beaconsfield Primary School is leading the way among schools in the metro area, having raised almost $3,000 by collecting 10¢ containers. Through Containers for Change, the school has found a way to meet its environmental goals and increase its sustainability, while also raising much needed funds.  

Beaconsfield Primary School teacher Ceri Page, who introduced the initiative into the school, has been blown away by the impact of Containers for Change. 

Ceri said the school has used the funds for green initiatives including the native seedlings and a nature play area, as well as to create a FOGO pick up to further reduce the school’s waste.  

“The refunds from Containers for Change are a win-win for Beaconsfield Primary School. It’s great for the environment, it builds community awareness, and it means our school can use the money for green initiatives on site,” Ceri said. 

Ceri said one of the easiest components of fundraising with Containers for Change was the getting started process. 

Beaconsfield Primary P&C contacted its local refund point – Scouts in Cockburn – who provided the school with a 240L bin to start saving their 10¢ containers and arranged periodic collection. 

The community can support Beaconsfield Primary School by donating containers during school hours directly at the school, or by quoting the school’s member number C10270759 at their local refund point or bag drop. 

“As a community we have recycled nearly 30,000 containers. That’s a huge achievement and one that we are very proud of. Thank you to everyone who drops off containers to us, we are super grateful. Go Team Beacy!” Ceri said.  

"The students love to remind their parents to bring their containers to school and it means they are forming habits that will hopefully continue into their adult lives,” she added. 


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