Like many Western Australians, Edna Walter uses Containers for Change to fundraise for a school. The difference? For this Heathridge container saver, the school she is supporting with her recycling efforts is on an entirely different continent! 

Edna returns 10¢ containers to her local Containers for Change refund point in Joondalup, donating the refunds to Kingdomsons Academy in Kenya, over 8,000km away. 

In 2013, Edna and her friend Margaret built and launched Kingdomsons Academy, with the goal of educating and supporting widows and children left homeless by tribal conflicts. Nine years later, the school is educating 250 students each year, and Edna is recycling 10¢ containers to continue to fund its incredible work. 

“It’s been fabulous,” she said. “Through Containers for Change I’ve paid for the website for the next three years. All from 10¢ containers!” 

The website gives Edna and Margaret more ways to increase their support of the village and boost the promotion of the school.  

These funds also keep the school running. The school provides not only education but daily meals for orphans, or families that cannot afford to feed their children.  

Edna said that with no major sponsors, the 10¢ containers have created an important new fundraising stream for the school. 

“My whole street is involved in saving and delivering me bottles and cans. It really is a whole community thing,” she said. 

With her local Containers for Change refund point at Sundew Rise in Joondalup only an eight-minute drive away, Edna has been able to easily continue to support the school, families and community she loves.  

If you’re interested in supporting Kingdomsons Academy you can head to their website or if you’re interested in raising funds for a particular cause, head to our fundraising page.