Joondalup Lakers Hockey Club is on a mission to make hockey accessible for all, and they’re achieving that goal with fundraising made possible through Containers for Change. 

They’re now the top ranking sporting club for Containers for Change fundraising in the Perth Metro area, and they’re putting their 10¢ refunds to good use: subsidising the cost for new players joining the sport.  

And that’s no small amount. With a goalkeeper kit costing upwards of $1,000, their efforts help young hockey players get involved in the sport by reducing the set-up costs that can be a barrier stopping curious locals from becoming future stars or lifelong hockey supporters. 

Club spokesperson Neil “Doddy” Dodd said the entire Club has embraced the new fundraising initiative, which has subsided costs for many players already.  

“Fundraising through Containers for Change has been easy,” Doddy said. The whole club has jumped onboard, with some members creating drop-off points at their businesses, while other members are getting their whole street involved, by collecting from their neighbours to bolster funds.  

The club also fundraises through its Containers for Change member number, which allows any member of the public donate their 10¢ container refunds to the club, and by physically collecting containers at their training grounds, club rooms and annual events such as their quiz night.  

“Each club member who donates to our member number is someone who was already going to Containers for Change to recycle their containers, so no extra work is involved. Especially compared to knocking on doors and selling products,” Doddy said. 

“Secondly, with the highly visible bins we have at our club rooms, anyone can easily deposit the containers they purchase and save them from the fill.” 

These funds help pay for junior equipment, new balls and goalkeeper equipment, helping the club live out their ethos: ‘hockey for all’. 

“Creating a welcoming club environment that’s accessible for all our community not only benefits our club but the individuals themselves,” Doddy said. 

“From a club perspective, we grow our community of like-minded hockey lovers, and the individual finds a sense of belonging and purpose.” 

The whole club is passionate about this. 

“It has been an all-club effort with 40% of the funds coming through containers being collected at HIF Arena through the bins, and 60% through the club’s member number,” he said. 

“We even have passionate club members saving up their containers in the off-season and then donating them to the club. At the end of the day it’s helping more kids play hockey, it’s saving parents money and it’s also helping them get rid of their 10¢ containers in a really easy way.”