Luca is a seven-year-old with a passion for collecting 10¢ containers and saving them from landfill. For the past 18 months, Luca’s family has been returning empty 10¢ containers to their local Containers for Change refund point run by TOMRA in Belmont, contributing to the incredible 1.5 billion containers saved by trailblazers across WA since October 2020.  

Since his family jumped on board with Containers for Change, Luca has returned thousands of containers and is amazed at how easy it has become to get pocket money. 

Karl, Luca’s dad, encouraged Luca to save most of his refund in a bank account, with each return increasing his savings. Luca uses the remainder on treats like Sunday ice-cream cones, Lego and train fares at Castledare Miniature Railway. 

“I collect containers because it helps keep the world clean,” Luca said. 

By returning his 10¢ containers, Luca’s been able to have a grow his bank account, pay for new Lego all by himself, and support locally owned businesses, all while giving 10¢ containers another life. Luca is particularly proud of being able to support his beloved Miniature Railway. 

For Luca’s parents, Luca's success in learning about the value of money while also doing good for the environment has been a win-win scenario. 

“For such a small effort of heading to our local refund point every few weeks, we’ve noticed such big rewards,” Karl said.