Highgate local Zibeon Schildkraut is one of the Western Australians who have kept 1.5 billion 10¢ containers out of landfill through Containers for Change, making sure they are recycled and get to live another life. 

Zibeon was amazed at how easy it is to return his 10¢ containers, after seeing how many locations there were right across Perth – including his local refund point, which he discovered was only a five-minute drive away.  

“With Containers for Change just around the corner, it’s made returning my empties easier than ever,” Zibeon said. 

Zibeon uses the extra cash he receives to entertain friends and family. He uses the funds to purchase food and drinks, and then ensures he returns those 10¢ containers to keep the cycle going.     

“Everyone should do it; there’s good financial gain to be made, and it’s very, very easy to get involved,” he said. 

On top of the financial benefit, there’s also the guarantee that every container returned will be recycled and saved from landfill, which was another reason why Zibeon jumped on board.  

“I enjoy the little things I can do to can help the environment. Containers for Change is an easy way to do your part,” he said.  

“It feels good knowing that by returning my containers to a refund point I’m ensuring they don’t end up in landfill and they get a second life, which benefits our environment.” 

Before Containers for Change, only three out of ten containers were recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill or as litter across streets, parks and beaches.  

In just under two years, Western Australia has doubled its rate of container recycling, with 64% of all 10¢ containers now being recycled through Containers for Change and household recycling bins. 

Despite this fantastic effort, there is still more Western Australians can do, with 530 million 10¢ containers still being tossed into general waste bins in the last year alone. But the efforts of people like Zibeon mean that hopefully that number will keep getting smaller and smaller.