Since October 2020, 28 schools across the Rockingham and Peel region have saved more than 250,000 10¢ containers from landfill.  

The initiative was made possible through the schools’ local refund point, Community Recycling WA, which has supported these school communities. 

“We are very proud of all those doing their part, as some of them are only small schools while others have thousands of students,” said Community Recycling WA spokesperson Sirli Kellian.  

“Every effort matters. Together we can save our environment one 10¢ container at a time. Thank you to all the students, staff and parents for making the change with us!” 

Through Containers for Change, the schools have created a new fundraising stream, with the top five schools collectively raising an impressive $13,000.  

Living Waters Lutheran College in Warnbro has collected 51,444 containers, and raised more money than they ever expected. This means they have been able to pay for a joint project to upgrade the chapel used by the school and the Rockingham Mandurah Lutheran Church.  

“So far, the refunds have gone towards new blinds, carpet and windows, amongst other things,” said Pastor Steve Liersch, who runs the recycling initiative at the school. 

“It was really important for the money to be used for something visible to everyone.” 

Originally from South Australia, which has had a container deposit scheme since 1977, Pastor Steve is thrilled to see recycling being used to fund community initiatives in WA. 

“It has worked so well for fundraising. All the students and staff are so excited to be on board,” he said.  

If you would like to learn more about fundraising for your school, group or charity, head to our fundraising page.