Founded in 1978, the WA chapter of the Vietnamese Community in Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates the Vietnamese culture, language and traditions, and provides support for Vietnamese living in WA. 

The WA Vietnamese Community rents spaces around the Perth metro area for its dance, culture and language classes, events and various activities. However, in 2024 it will be able to hold all its activities under one roof, when its new cultural centre in Girrawheen is completed. To raise funds for the building, WA Vietnamese Community president Dr Anh signed the group up with Containers for Change in August 2020, shortly after the scheme began in Western Australia. 

With the WA Vietnamese Community’s premises consisting of multiple offices in Perth, rather than one dedicated location. There was little point in having Containers for Change bins on its premises, as members rarely visited the offices. 
Instead, it promoted the scheme in its regular bulletins, social media  accounts, meetings and sent volunteers to collect containers from members’ houses. 
“We explained in the bulletins and on social media what the scheme is about, why we’re raising money and what containers can be collected,” Dr Anh said. 

Dr Anh also has a container collection bin in his medical practice that is frequently filled. 
Initially the organisation encountered contamination problems with members putting milk and wine bottles in their collections. However, with regular reminders on its communications channels, this was soon reduced. 
From July 2021 to June 2022 the WA Vietnamese Community raised $9,438 from container collection funds.