What is a Drop & Go station?

Located across WA, Drop & Go stations offer a quick and contact free option to return your 10¢ containers.

Bag your 10¢ containers, securely attach a tag with your member number, and simply drop them into the chute. A refund point operator will collect and count your containers, and your refund will be processed as a bank transfer or donation, using your member number payment details. 

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Refunds through your member number

Before dropping off your 10¢ containers, choose how you want to be refunded. In your member number account, set your preferred payment method to bank transfer, or set it to directly donate to a cause. Then, attach your member number to your bags to ensure you receive your refund. 


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Refund options available

Bank transfer

Bank transfer



Please note: Drop & Go refunds can only be processed via your preferred payment option in your member number account. Cash is not available. 

Returning more than 825 containers?


A Drop & Go station might not be for you! Consider visiting a Depot, or use our collection service, Containers for Change Collect.

Other ways to return


There are many ways to return your 10¢ containers in WA. Find the one that best suits your needs.

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