Depots can differ in return style. Some depots have staff who count your 10¢ containers for you, while others will let you scan your 10¢ containers yourself.

Additionally, certain depots may offer drive-through or Drop & Go services. 

Depots offer your refund as on-the-spot cash, a bank account payment, or as a donation to a good cause.

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Drop & Go

Drop & Go allows you to quickly return your 10¢ containers, contact free.

Bag your 10¢ containers, attach a tag with your member number, and drop it off.

Once collected, your refund will be processed as a bank transfer or donation using your member number payment details. 


Place your 10¢ containers in a closed bag (preferably reusable or recyclable).


Securely attach a tag with your member number and name.


We’ll collect your return and process your refund using your member number details.

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Self-serve Kiosk

Self-serve Kiosks count your 10¢ containers and scan their barcode to check they are accepted. Just insert your 10¢ containers, one-by-one, and let the Kiosk do the rest!
You will receive your refund as a local grocery store voucher or as a bank transfer or donation using your member number payment details.

As barcodes need to be scanned, crushed 10¢ containers or those without legible barcodes won't be accepted. Some Self-serve Kiosk locations may have a Drop & Go service available to use if you know your 10¢ container is accepted but it won't scan.

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Pop-up Depot

Temporary depots can pop up at busy community locations and work just like regular depots. Get your 10¢ containers counted and refunded on the spot, or leave your 10¢ containers to be sorted later and receive your refund as a bank transfer or donation using your member number payment details.

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Partner with your local refund point

If you are part of a charity, community group, school, or business, your local refund point may be able to help! They can provide support through collection logistics or they can possibly provide you Containers for Change bins and bags.

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How will you earn with your 10¢ containers?

Easy refunds with member number

Easy refunds with member number

With member number you can get your refund — just the way you like it. Set bank transfer, PayPal, cash, or donation as your preferred payment method.

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Donate your 10¢ container refund

Donate your 10¢ container refund

Using your member number, set your preferred payment method to donation and select a local community group or charity that you would like to support.

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Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Search our FAQs by clicking the link below.

Can container lids be returned?

Lids are welcome – but only if they are removed from your containers. Save your drink container lids separately (it’s a good idea to bag them for ease) and return them for recycling.

Do I bring my own bags and labels at bag drops?

Absolutely. Some bag drops may provide bags and labels, but it’s worthwhile to bring your own, just in case.

Choose a bag that can be closed and attach a tag labelled with your member number and name.

A little extra for our fundraising trailblazers

Collecting 10¢ containers to earn funds for your workplace, community group, charity, or school?
Learn how to maximise your Containers for Change fundraising.

If you still need info on how to get started, just send us your query with the button below, or call us on 13 42 42.