Bag Drop

Refund type

  • EFT via scheme ID


  • Accepted with a scheme ID

Bag drops offer a convenient and contact free way to recycle and receive refunds via your scheme ID.

Bag drops will take slightly longer for you to receive your refund compared to a depot, as containers need to be collected, transported and counted before your refund can be processed. Bag drop sites are serviced regularly with the timing dependent on location.

Once your bag of containers is picked up and counted, you’ll receive your refund direct to your bank account via your scheme ID.

At these sites, remember three key steps:

  • Bag it: Place your containers in your own biodegradable bags or in the operator’s bags.
  • Tag it: Use the labels from your local refund point or write your scheme ID and name on the bag.
  • Drop it: Drop your containers at your local bag drop refund point.