7 easy steps to fundraising

Excited to start saving 10¢ containers from landfill, while raising funds for your cause? Great!
We have put together this step-by-step guide, so you can jump right in.

1. Sign up for member number

1. Sign up for member number

Member number makes returning 10¢ containers and receiving donations, easy.
It only takes a few minutes to sign up, just make sure you have your group's contact and payment details handy. 

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2. Assemble your team

2. Assemble your team

Your group member number will let you add a captain and teammates, so everyone in your organisation can get involved.

Sign up
3. Decide your fundraising approach

3. Decide your fundraising approach

Decide how you want to collect your 10¢ containers, whether that's by becoming a donation point, receiving refunds directly, or by collecting 10¢ containers at events.

How to fundraise
4. Get 10¢ container savvy

4. Get 10¢ container savvy

It’s easy to check for the 10¢ mark but making sure you and your team know which 10¢ containers are accepted will make the most of your collecting efforts. 

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5. Know your local refund point

5. Know your local refund point

With over 260 refund points across WA, your local may be closer than you think!
Get to know your refund point, and ask how they can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

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6. Talk to your community

6. Talk to your community

WA is home to thousands of trailblazers and community container savers. Reach out to local businesses and ask your community to get involved.
If you need help to get started, use our fundraising letter template.

How to fundraise
7. Spread the word

7. Spread the word

Promote your fundraising to your network. Supporters can help you collect 10¢ containers or even donate their container refund straight to you! 
Use our digital library of marketing materials to help you get your voice heard. 

Fundraising Resources

What’s your fundraising approach?

Once you have your group member number, you'll need to decide on the fundraising approach that best suits you.


If you have the space, you can choose to become a donation point. This lets people drop their 10¢ containers off at your location, so you can return them and collect the refund for your group.

Become a donation point


If you're hosting a community event, it is a great opportunity to collect extra 10¢ containers. 
Before the event, chat with your local refund point to determine what collection infrastructure and other support you’ll need.

Collect at event


Share your group’s member number, so when your supporters take their 10¢ containers to a refund point, they can choose to donate their refund directly to you.
The refund point will process their refund to your bank account by using your group’s member number.

Donate your refund

Your Group's Captain

Before you start fundraising you’ll need to sign your organisation up for a group member number.

To do this, you'll need to connect an individual member number account, so we know who to contact if we need to. This individual account will become your group's captain — but don't worry — once you're logged in, you can change your captain at any time.
When you are setup, your captain can then add teammates to your group's account, making it easy for everyone to track your fundraising efforts.

Member number for groups

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